November 29, 2012

In The Hour of Need

Dear Jesus help us please
in this hour of our need.
thank you that you hear our prayer
thank you most that you are there

to show your power that far exceeds
the greatness of our heart felt needs
when you raise your mighty hand
it only takes but 1 command
All I need is to be still
and with your blessing I'll be filled

let once again your name arise
on praises lifted to the skies
the storms of life you are the calm
for you are where my help comes from

tho the instruments you use
may wear hats and socks and shoes
but its your hand that is out stretched
to be sure I always get the best

only you know just what I need
and only you my soul can feed
only you can take what I've been through and
turn it to praises back to you

I pray you'll also be able to use me
as your hand and heart to meet needs
help me remember where you've brought me from
Help my heart let others feel at home

Let them know you'll always be there and
show them just how much you care
Let my words now testify
Upon You we all can rely

Lord now I thank you for this trial
thank you for ALL the hidden smiles
for reaching down to my dark place
that I might reach up & touch your face   :)

I Love You Jesus!