November 05, 2008

Was it an Upset or Are You Just Upset?

No matter who you voted for yesterday, someone is bound to be upset. What helps me is knowing that the Holy Bible tells us that the heart of the King, (or president,) is in His hands. He raises one up and causes another to fall.

In the Old Testament, He even used the evil Pharaoh of Egypt to carry out his perfect plan for his people. Not to liken our current President-elect with pharaoh, before anyone gets the wrong idea. I'm only saying that even when things look out-of-control, they are not for OUR GOD.

Continue to pray for our country. Pray for our leaders as is mandated and first Timothy chapter 2. So we may live in peace. No matter what the political climate may look like, our God is well able to get us what we need and take us where we need to go for his glory and for our good.

Be strong in the Lord, and the power of his might. Putting on all His armor and walking in the light, just as He is in the light. Praying always, with all prayer and petition letting your needs be made known to God. Don't worry or be anxious. Pray always and trust in His heart.

All the best to you and lots of love,