December 18, 2009

New Year's Resolution?

You may be thinking, "But we haven't even had Christmas yet!" Well, you know as well as I do how super fast time seems to go anymore. Seems like just last week we were watching the leaves change colors here in the Mid-West. But it was really well over a month ago. The Autumn colors are replaced w/ Chritmas lights and New Yrs Day is but a breath away.

Every yr practically, I hear, "Have you made your 'New Yrs Resolution' yet?" Mostly my answer is "No." because I haven't a clue what it could, or should be.

People have so many. Perhaps you've made a few in your lifetime. Lets see if any of these sound familiar: Lose weight. Spend more time with family. Exercise. Get organized. Learn a craft or new language. Read more. Be kinder. Spend more time in prayer.... The list goes on and on as I'm sure you could add a few.

But somethings been running around in my head, most likely the Holy Spirit has been trying to get a message out to prepare us for this new year. It seems many of us think that somehow everything will mysteriously change when that clock strikes mid-night as we ring in a new year. We set off at top speed to "make it happen!" But its not long, maybe a week, a month if we are determined, until we falter. Miss a day or two at the gym. Grab that doughnut for breakfast. Too sleepy for church one Sunday. Blame hormones for why you're snapping at hubby and kids again.... you fill in the rest.

The honest and possibly unbearable truth is this: The same obstacle and challenges you faced, that appeared to hold you back from "being all that you can be" on December 31st, still exist on January 1st! The only change is your awareness of them, and your attitude...somehow influenced by the calender!

Here's a tip for you. If you really want to do something different with your life, ask Jesus to come in and change you. He is the ONLY One with power to truly effect change. The Scripture says Today is the day of salvation. Not Jan 1.

So it looks like you have a choice to make. Either wait for New Years to "resolve" all your issues, and probably be disappointed and possibly even feel like a failure in a month or two, or you can call upon the Lord and ask Him to change your

Rebecca Thames