November 09, 2009

Jesus Can Touch Through You

Dear Friends,

Something's been stirring in my heart for a while and almost each passing day there's another piece to fit into the picture. Several times in my life, the Love of God has become intensely more real, because He has reached out to me through another person.

Granted, there are those who tend to see visions and claim to have heard an audible Voice from God. Not ever meaning to discount their integrity, I personally believe God primarily reaches us through His Word and through the voice and touch of other people who love Him.

Here are a few examples of how God took something very simple and made a profound impact on my life.

The first story is too long for this post. Simply put, I believed God had given me a promise at age 20 that one day I'd be married. "But remember," He warned, " is My Love that will flow through those arms." Thirteen years later, I met Bill. He came for a visit from his home in another state. We talked. We shared. We hugged. We kissed. When he went home, he instant msg'd me. He said he believed that even if nothing came from his visit, maybe God just wanted to show me His Love through his arms. I lost all composure and fled the computer in uncontrollable sobs. I knew I'd had a Divine visitation and a 13 y/o promise had been finally fulfilled.

Of course, we were married a few months later. A couple yrs ago, we had a tornado skim over the roof of our apartment. When I heard the rumble, I thought it was torrential rain hitting the West wall of our apartment. Immediately, my husband declared with unrivaled certainty, "Tornado!"

I was terrified when I saw the front window glass flapping in the wind the likes I'd never seen. I bolted for the bathroom. The only room with no windows, yet the wall bordered the front of the building and would occasionally wobble in the wind like the glass moments prior to my arrival.

This man who was so obviously ushered into my life by the Almighty Himself, is more in tune and connected with the Voice and leading of the Holy Spirit than anyone I've ever known. After my bolt for the bathroom, he instinctively came down the hall, stood in the bathroom doorway. He put his hand on my shoulder and with the most intense look of love on his face said, "Don't worry. We've got angels."

It's without a hint of exaggeration when I tell you the moment... no the second those words went from Bill's mouth to my ears, every last vestige of fear and anxiety immediately drained from my being. It was as if Jesus Himself had reached out and touched me and once again, as He spoke to the stormy seas, "Peace! Be still!"

Just a few days ago, I was having a terrible time breathing. For no apparent reason, an asthma attack just came over me and it really took my breath away. I used all my meds. I prayed. I tried to think of other things. Still the breathing episode continued.

After an hour or two of struggling, Bill came into the room where I was. I hadn't said anything. He just knew. He came in and hugged me and said, "Don't be afraid. You're gonna be fine." I'd never said I was afraid. But within a half an hour, I realized I was breathing fine.

The past 3 days, Bill has had an unusual amount of energy. Normally he doesn't. Last week he fixed the door and windows so cold winter air won't come in, he fixed up a new bird-cage for the parrot, got all the old bird-dust out of the bedroom and took oven cleaner and a chisel to the old cage. By the end of two days ago, he was in so much pain, he could barely move. But that evening he knew I needed help getting ready for bed. I didn't want him to strain. But he offered to help me, because of love. It hurts me to hurt him, but he offered and I couldn't sway him.

This bothered me until the next morning. Once again, the Lord and His perfect timing and perfect way to touch me in the most unexpected ways, hit me in the deepest part of my heart. A song came on the radio just as I was waking up. The chorus said, "Amazing love. How can it be that Thou my God should die for me?"

My husband had once again been a physical illustration of the immeasurable matchless Love of my beloved King. Though my husband risked and offered severe pain to go the extra mile for me to show his love, my Lord Jesus hung on a cruel cross, bled and DIED to offer the Ultimate Ever Lasting Love....for me. And for you.

This post is not only the grace the Lord has shown me through my husband. This is to encourage you as well. If you give your heart to Jesus and allow Him to Love through you... He will. It might not seem like much to you... a kind word... an embrace... a touch... a song... a note... a warm smile. But it might make ALL the difference at just the right moment to the one who needs it the most. :-)