August 09, 2008

A Better Brand of Love

In the beginning, the world began with a whisper. "Let there be light."
But ever since then, the battle's raged, even past the end of the night.
The driving force to create, to design the perfect atmosphere.
For the finished product to thrive and, one day, to draw near

In the beginning, there was one goal, to make the perfect place.
Where the Creation could learn and grow and seek the Creator's face
So perfect, yet so helpless to fight their Enemy
Unwise to his advances, fell for his scheming trickery

The enemy drove Creation far from safety and from peace
Into the hostile land of night, of fear and all conceit.
Creator's broken heart cried out to somehow bring them home.
But they only seemed to slip away, barely surviving on their own.

Architects, builders, designers, manufacturers and the like.
Creators of any kind know what their creation is like.
In the beginning, only He knew, the Creator of the Deceived,
how to put them back together, how to get their pain relieved.

Good Creator had a plan, a plan to top all plans.
Unheard of in all Creation; God became a man.
To come down to their level, in looks, in build and size.
To let them hear His tender voice, to look into their eyes

And then did something no one dreamed Creator would ever do.
He gave His Holy, sinless life so that we could see the Truth
His blood bought us our freedom from the enemy.
The Deceiver's power was broken, if we would only see

This kind of Love is stronger than anything you've known
It's nothing like what you've seen, or could find out on your own.
Its power brought a Holy God to Earth, to die and rise again.
And even if you look hard enough, you won't find it within

It's not like love of mom and dad, of ice cream or favorite toy.
Not even like the butterflies that come between a girl and boy.
It's not love a sunset, a favorite food or flower.
It didn't come free, it cost Him His life! It contains All Creator's power!

It's not what you feel when you hold a child
Or whisper your sweetheart's name
It's a kind of Love with transforming power
When it touches you, you're never the same!

If you would know this kind of Love, that defeats Your Enemy.
The power to drive away all fear, and let you clearly see
The beauty of Creator's Heart and His Glorious Face
and that His treasured Creation is you...and the Human Race

Then cry out to your Creator, Jesus is His Name.
Trust your life into his hands. You'll never be the same.
Don't hold back your plans or dreams. He'll take good care of them.
He only wants to show you the way to get back Home.

He will take you by the hand, if you will put yours in His.
He will show you what you have missed and what Real Life is.
You may not lose all your problems, but you'll have help from Above.
Then you'll be able to give others, A Better Brand of Love.

-- Rebecca Thames August 9, 2008