May 06, 2008

The Silent World of Pain

How can there ever be such a space
where though you still see each face
and hear the voice and touch the hand
each is alone within this place

through actions done or words misspoken
somehow sacred trusts are broken
like walls of glass, they separate
but like walls of stone, they do not break

Some want to scream but words won't come
Some feel they are the only one
who's felt this agony inside
so as strangers run away and hide

hide from any further pain
they couldn't bare to do this again
so walls get thicker and silence grows
as into their space the wounded goes

if only they didn't have to hide
if only they could see on the other side
of their wall there's someone really who cares
who never meant to put them there

who longs and prays with all their might
for Son to come break through the night
for stinging and bleeding to come to Pass
And our Victor break down these walls of glass

For Him to wipe away our tears
for His perfect Love to calm our fears
To sooth our wounds with Holy Oil
and all the enemy's plans to foil

To cleans our hearts from poison that mames
and causes loved ones to retreat again
O strengthen hearts with walls that last
So we do need these walls of glass

To somehow make us free again
from tear-soaked pillows and blood that stains
that God's own Joy would deliver again
from this silent world of pain