June 21, 2011

He Carried Me

Tonight I watched The Majestic. Small town gutted by WW2 losses finds a man w/ amnesia washed up on a beach & suddenly they think he's one of their war heros lost 9yrs ago. You'd have to see that movie to see what he did for that town, when he didn't even know who he was.
I guess that got me thinking (too much) about how quickly things can happen & you can't physically do anything about it. But God can and does so often step in with ways you couldn't imagine.
During this thought process the enemy started flooding my mind w/ "what if?" type pictures of my life changing drastically...in an instant! I almost started to fear but said Jesus help me! Just about overwhelmed I turned on my Christian music. 4Him was cued up but it just didn't seem right. Scrolled and stopped on Building 429.
After about the 2nd song I knew I was rescued! It was called You Carried Me. As it played I began thanking the Lord for carrying me all through my life. So many praise worthy pictures came when I closed my eyes.
So much when I lived alone. Like when my first helper left, who I loved so dearly. I told the Lord I couldn't bare to sit at home and watch her leave the last time. The 1st new prayer meeting at church got scheduled on the same night! So we both left at the SAME time!
Then a couple yrs later, I was home alone and started having to go #2 SO bad! So bad it hurt. I prayed a lot. Knew that only Jesus could send someone cuz I didn't know anyone to call. Sure enough, after taking tylenol, piling on pillows and trying to go to sleep, the door bell rang. It was my 1st helper! Hadn't seen her in months! Honestly I was so shocked to see her I didn't tell her my need right away. Got told about it later too. ;)
There was the time my niece came for New Yrs. God sent virtual strangers to my door w/ 2 bags of groceries cuz found out she was staying. But what they DIDN'T know was the next 2 or 3 days we were snowed in. Worst blizzard in Yrs! NO one could get there. That food was what we ate!
Then came May 2008. A tornado skipped over our place. When the glass window moved I went down the hall to the windowless bathroom. Bill knew I was scared. He followed me...put his hand on my shoulder...looked at me w/ the Love of God and said" don't worry. We have angels!" At that second ALL the fear just drained out! Arby's down the street was flat. But we had no damage of our unit.
No matter what u might go through, or be in now, there might be NOTHING you can do about it. But seriously, if you can lay down your plans and your "What ifs" and your fears (worry doesn't help anyway) get on your knees and give your life and all your stuff to Jesus. Trust me. He knows how to deal with it even better that u do. What have you got to lose but a little insomnia? :) If u really give it all to Him, He will change things. And if u let Him...He will carry you.