June 30, 2008

Sweetness of Bitter Tears

Dark clouds billowing, grey and scary just before a storm
may bring long awaited rain when its been too dry and warm

Suddenly the clashing, crashing thunder, blowing wind
the the torrent floods the earth with pounding of the rain

Just the same a life becomes so stagnent, stale and dry
to feel whats real is shielded by a stony outter side

Bordem and confusion start to build the billowy clouds
Pointless days and nights fly by, and burdens weigh them down

Then sudden pain comes shooting through to pierce this canopy
Once seen as a shelter, now becomes a liability

Interupting status quo like lightening floods the sky
Soon the rain comes pouring down to water what was dry

This time mixed with bitter tears, to wash away the pain
they flush out soul and spirit's crust, more powerful than rain

Along the way it softens creaky knees once bent for prayer
and treasure found in this place can be found no other 'where

So what was once the pain from wrong, from sorrow, loss or fears
can never match the sweetness found in the flow of bitter tears

-Rebecca D Thames
the day after Delana left suddenly