December 15, 2008

What's Up With Christmas?

This time of year can become so ovewhelming to some people. Some of you may be SO busy it's just not any fun anymore. Some may love the hustle and bustle of decorating, shopping for gifts and parties, etc... But some of you don't have much going on. You listen to all your friends or associates talk of plans with their friends, or going home for Christmas to be with their families.

Some of you are alone. Maybe you lost a loved one. Maybe there was a divorce. Maybe your parents got a new job and you had to move away from dear friends. Maybe family members moved away and you can't travel to them. Either way, Christmas just isn't the same. Maybe you just wonder what all the fuss is about and can't wait till things just get back to "normal," or what's normal for you. Maybe you're just tired of it.

I almost let myself get caught up in that mindset this year. My parents are both gone. My sister's over 500 mi. away with no intention of coming home. Her 'kids' have their own families. My health has been bad, so I can't travel. Oh, yeah...I could have had lots of reasons to be sad. But ya know...I'm not! The reason why might surprise you. Read on... :-)

The reason is the same reason Christmas started to begin with! No. Its not Santa. Though St. Nicholas was a pretty cool guy, so I've heard. But, I've also heard that he gave the way he did, for the same reason I've decided to have a great Christmas!

You may have all heard the saying, "Jesus Is the Reason for the Season." But do you know why?? It's so amazing!

Yeah, I know. There's zillions of different religions out there and they've all got their own story. But consider this one for at least a moment...

God makes a planet with all these beautiful plants, animals, and His most glorious creation, people on it. Then the people get in trouble.

They're hurting, scared, and He sees their lives are so far away from the blessings and fellowship that He intended for them to experience. He loves them SO much! He's GOT to do something to help them! But what? He's this great big powerful God! He tried just talking to them on a mountain once, but just the sound of His Voice scared them SO much, they begged another man (Moses) to go up the mountain and talk for them!

So, He found a way. He decided the only way to talk them, to help, to let them know just how much He loved them, was to become one of them. To leave all the royal splendor of Heaven and be born as a Human of the most helpless of creatures. So He picked two special parents, and He came...he was born...and He grew up...facing all the junk we deal with here that never touched Him in Heaven. The Scripture says He was tested in everything that we were and that He is touched with our feelings of weakness and sickness. Just because He made us in the first place, then He came and became one of us, He knows what you're going through...and He cares!

Yes, I know. There are lots of views of who (or even what) God might be. But, honestly, I believe that this simple story has been so complicated and confused, added to and even sometimes lost under the tinsel and the bows, because it IS so simple...and so beautiful.

I guess there's something in all of us that wants to feel confidant and "make it on our own", or be "the master of our own destiny." But I can't help but wonder, if deep down, sometimes, when the room's quiet at night, you wonder if there isn't someone out there...bigger, smarter, and more powerful than you, that you can turn to. Someone who truly loves you for YOU, in spite of, and can maybe even help you with your short-comings. Maybe you seem confidant on the outside, but deep down, you wish you could do things differently....maybe you wish your life was different. Would True, unconditional Love make a difference?

If you're life is like anyone in this letter, try asking Jesus to reveal Himself to you. Just talk to Him when you're alone. Ask Him to come in and show you His Love...ask Him to change your life. He will. And just maybe, for you, this will be the Best Christmas Ever!




November 10, 2008

Heart of a Shepherd

In the western big city world, a world of democracy, capitalism, self ambition and success, it is so very hard to picture the concept of a shepherd. Often real leaders are even hard to find. So many of us don't even want leaders. We want to do our own thing. But is that really the best idea?

Throughout the Bible, God and later his son Jesus was referred to as a shepherd, and the people for whom his heart longed were likened to sheep. Not a very flattering description. I know. Although the more I study it, the more accurate it seems to be.

It's so easy to just want to do, what we want to do. I think that must be the natural instincts for every living creature. But if you ever read stories about sheep, you would know that is not always a good idea to follow your natural instincts.

If sheep didn't have a shepherd, quite frankly, they would die. They wouldn't know how to find food or water. If they fell over they couldn't get up to go eat or to protect themselves from the weather. Frankly I don't think they even know how to protect themselves from the weather or from any danger whatsoever. So in the case of the sheep, it's best that they have a shepherd.

And the shepherd isn't there just to tell you what to do. The shepherd is there for protection from the wolves that seek to tear the sheep to pieces.

Zechariah 10:2 NIV The idols speak deceit, diviners see visions that lie; they tell dreams that are false, they give comfort in vain. Therefore the people wander like sheep oppressed for lack of a shepherd.

On the contrary, Jesus likened himself to a shepherd, with great compassion and caring for the sheep.

Mark 6:34 NIV When Jesus landed and saw a large crowd, he had compassion on them,
because they were like sheep without a shepherd. So he began teaching them many things.

His heart's desire was to be the caretaker and provider for his people. He gave up everything to save the ones that were lost.

Matthew 18:12-14 NIV "What do you think? If a man owns a hundred sheep, and one of them
wanders away, will he not leave the ninety-nine on the hills and go to look for the one that wandered off? And if he finds it, I tell you the truth, he is happier about that one sheep than about the ninety-nine that did not wander off. In the same way your Father in heaven is not willing that any of these little ones should be lost.

Now that the Scripture has demonstrated a shepherd's heart, I need to ask you a question. Do we have the heart of the shepherd?

Now I understand some people have no interest in being led whatsoever. But for the rest, do we come across with compassion of a shepherd, or with the constraints of a dictator? If we are supposed to be following Jesus, shouldn't we have his heart for the lost as well?

Luke 19:10 NIV For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost."

Are we seeking? Are we saving? Or are we just doing what's convenient? In the past I've heard the argument, "But I don't know any lost people." or, "... if the Lord opens the door I'll go."

After a very disturbing dream I had this morning, I feel the need to propose, perhaps our lack of 'seeking and saving' has less to do with opportunity, and more with the condition of our heart. Do we really have the heart of the shepherd we claim to follow? Would we ever be willing to lay down on lives for the sheep?

Think about this for a while. Maybe as this thought develops, I will write more.

November 05, 2008

Was it an Upset or Are You Just Upset?

No matter who you voted for yesterday, someone is bound to be upset. What helps me is knowing that the Holy Bible tells us that the heart of the King, (or president,) is in His hands. He raises one up and causes another to fall.

In the Old Testament, He even used the evil Pharaoh of Egypt to carry out his perfect plan for his people. Not to liken our current President-elect with pharaoh, before anyone gets the wrong idea. I'm only saying that even when things look out-of-control, they are not for OUR GOD.

Continue to pray for our country. Pray for our leaders as is mandated and first Timothy chapter 2. So we may live in peace. No matter what the political climate may look like, our God is well able to get us what we need and take us where we need to go for his glory and for our good.

Be strong in the Lord, and the power of his might. Putting on all His armor and walking in the light, just as He is in the light. Praying always, with all prayer and petition letting your needs be made known to God. Don't worry or be anxious. Pray always and trust in His heart.

All the best to you and lots of love,


October 30, 2008

The Power of God's Grace

As I look at the moral, economic and physical condition of the world today, and as I look at the power of the Church or the lack thereof, I am concerned for us all, even more then ever before. I believe people are being overwhelmed by the forces of darkness and the Prince of evil himself and all of his little cohorts.

Many believe when things go wrong think it is only their own doing, or perhaps dumb luck or circumstances. Even people who profess to follow Jesus, sometimes think all the condemning and criticizing things inside their head are all their own idea. Or perhaps just an echo from a criticizing parent or authority figure. On the contrary, I firmly believe that these things that debilitate us and keep us locked in fear are the work of the demons... the result of one third of the Angels revolting thousands of years ago. I believe their biggest job is to cripple the Body of Christ... to make us unaware of and feel incapable of exercising the power that we have in the Name of Christ.

Demons can be powerful and often frightening, when we try to oppose them. But we must remember, there is nothing and no one stronger than the name of Jesus and the power of His Grace.

My husband says that Grace is the most powerful force in all the universe. For it is the only thing that is able, or strong enough to reunite a fallen man with his God. This grace has conquered all the powers of Hell and the devil, even death itself, to see that we can become one with our Father and our King and to dwell with Him in Heavenly places, seated beside the Majesty on High!

That is why it is said in the Book of Galatians, when the apostle cried out for relief from the thorn in his flesh...three times he besought the which his merciful God replied, "My grace is sufficient for thee." At times we might read that and think God is saying, 'what you have is good enough, be content, quit complaining,' but in reality, that is not what He's saying at all. It took me a long time to learn this.

When He is really saying is, in the words of another author, (I wish I remembered his name,) "God's grace is sufficient for us, like the great ocean a sufficient for the fish to swim in; and like the big blue sky is sufficient for the bird to fly in." That is a little bit of a paraphrase, but I'm sure you get the message.

Is the ocean enough for the fish? Ridiculous right? Is the sky big enough for the bird? Absurd! Using that analogy, we can see just how much greater God is with his grace than anything we can ever need ask or imagine! It even says that in Ephesians"...who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above what we can ever ask or think."

Hold on to faith my brothers and sister. Hold onto the power of His grace! For His supply and His power is so much greater than whatever it is that you need. Rest in this calm assurance... your God is able to meet you right where you are and give you exactly what you need. His arm is not short, and nothing catches him by surprise.


Have a Super Day! --Rebecca

September 26, 2008

To All Those Around 40... Give or Take A Few

Several places in the Bible, a generation is equal to 40 years. Now that causes me to ask a question: Does that mean I have lived exactly one generation? What happens to the next generation, when there are no children?

If you are around 40, you are probably starting to realize how fast time is going. And whether you have children or not, as I don't, you must know one or two from somewhere that are growing way too fast. I remember when my nieces and nephews were tiny. Now they are in their 20s. A couple are married, and one is considering marriage. This stuff is hard for me to get my head around. Just ask any parent, they will probably tell you the same thing.

With technology, busyness and all kinds of distractions, sometimes we just don't know where the days went and before we know it we find they're gone.

James 4:14 NAS says:
Yet you do not know what your life will be like tomorrow. You are just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away.

A vapor. A mist... Maybe the spray of an aerosol can. Put up against or compared to the light of all Eternity, our small existence disappears about that quick. That is the time we have to make our lives count for the Kingdom of God.

Now that I have turned 40, and look back on my life, I can only trust in God to find something worthwhile to come out of this last generation... whether it be wasted or not. I'm not certain I could point to anything you might consider worthwhile, or noteworthy. I don't know for sure when I get "There," the last 40 years, whether they will be burnt up as wood, hay or stubble, or if they will be as gold, silver or precious jewels in the eyes of the King. I suppose the question I must ask is this: is the foundation of my life anything Christ could come along and build upon?

Now, of course as much as I would like to, I can't do anything about the past, but I can do something about the future. And somehow, reading this, if you look back over your last generation and wonder if there are any gold, silver or precious jewels, or maybe you're a little concerned that you might just have wood, hay, or stubble. Remember. You still have today.

You might wonder as I have, "But how? All I know is what I've done my whole life. The only example I have is my parents or my friends. What can I really do that counts for the Kingdom?"

My husband always hated questions that start with, "But how?"

Number One: Pray to the Lord Jesus, the Christ. Our Messiah, Redeemer, Deliver and our King. Ask Him to take over your life. Ask Him to fill you with his holy spirit and his love. Make him the Lord of your life. Translation: Creator, Ruler, Owner. Commit your way to the Lord and He will direct your path.

Number Two: Talk to the Holy Spirit. Ask him to fill you completely and show you the way that you should go. For as my pastor says, "How can you ever expect to export what you have never owned?" It's been said that we are unable to even praise or love God, the way that he desires, on our own... without the Holy Spirit, guiding us, telling us what the Father's heart desires. Jesus said apart from me, you can do nothing. And that includes everything you might call service to God, family, job, country, anything and everything! He likened us to a limb, cut off of a tree or a Vine. If we are cut off from the Source, we have no life in us.

Number Three: Understand that being filled with the Spirit is necessary for you to walk in the Spirit. The Scripture says that if you walk with the Spirit you will not fulfill the desires of the flesh. Now, what the flesh desires may seem like more fun at first, but the consequences are not nearly as fun. The Scripture says sin is pleasurable, but only for a season. Then you will begin to harvest what you have sown. Some say you need to "sow your wild oats," while you are young. However, those who encourage that kind of behavior will not be around when it is your harvest time.

Galatians 6:7-10 says what ever you sow, that will you also reap.

You wouldn't go out for a battle without proper training. You wouldn't play in the Super Bowl without learning how to play football. And in either case you wouldn't be in either situation without first making a choice to join the Army or the football team, followed by showing up for practice. Day after day after day. Those training sessions, and those practices get you ready for when there's five seconds left in the game, or when the enemy is on all sides, and you don't have time to think. You just go with what you've learned!

In a way, it blows my mind that I'm even writing this. I used to be the first one to make excuses for my behavior. My tongue was so quick and so sharp, and then I would blame it on my nerves, medicine, or adverse circumstance. But over time, I began to learn that the name of Jesus is higher than any other name! That includes my health and medicine, pressures of life and all kinds of circumstances. There is absolutely Nothing, that can overwhelm the power of His Name, or a life that is submitted and trusting in His care.

Now, you may not like the word submit, or authority for that matter. To some people just hearing either one sends chills up their spine. But no matter what your experiences might have been, that kind of submission to the authority of the Lord Jesus and His Word has benefits that you could not even imagine. And until you are willing to submit to the Lordship and the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, you will never know those benefits!

One seemingly simple example, from my life just yesterday. Now I'm not saying that I'm completely submitted in every area, but it is my desire to live the way Jesus wants me to and to seek and display His heart and to show others how much He loves them. Yesterday, He showed me again how much He loves me. And it's such a beautiful thing how, in the simplest ways, powerful words are spoken without spoken words.

I usually don't do well out in the heat. I have been known to get sick in the summertime. So I have to be careful how much time I spend in the sun, or humidity. My husband and I and our neighbor decided to go to the grocery store. It had been rather cool here recently, but I was not able to go out during that time. So now that it's back in the 80s, and that's when I go out to the grocery store. ;-)

As my husband was getting the car ready, I went out and immediately started to feel a little woozy. I went back into the shade and started to pray... for God's grace on our trip, and that He would order our steps and bless our journey for His Glory. I went out toward the Van and looked up in the sky. To my amazement, there was a cloud overhead, not much bigger than the sun. Brilliant sunrays were shooting out from all directions. Absolutely breathtaking! I turned to my husband and our neighbor and pointed to the sky. "Now there is a gift from God!" He gave me shade just in time for me to get in the van! And that is the way my beloved Jesus takes care of me. He always gives us what we need, if we trust Him.

That is all He And the choices we make are a reflection of how we trust Him or how we don't. Will we stay in agreement with His Word, or will we go our own way, thinking that we know better? Every day is a million choices to go His way or ours. This can be overwhelming except for one thing. If we commit our hearts to him and our way. He is faithful to direct our path. He loves you, he just wants you to know. And one day, maybe very soon, you might be the only reflection of Jesus and His beautiful heart someone else might ever see.

Selah... (Let's Pause and Think about That)

August 09, 2008

A Better Brand of Love

In the beginning, the world began with a whisper. "Let there be light."
But ever since then, the battle's raged, even past the end of the night.
The driving force to create, to design the perfect atmosphere.
For the finished product to thrive and, one day, to draw near

In the beginning, there was one goal, to make the perfect place.
Where the Creation could learn and grow and seek the Creator's face
So perfect, yet so helpless to fight their Enemy
Unwise to his advances, fell for his scheming trickery

The enemy drove Creation far from safety and from peace
Into the hostile land of night, of fear and all conceit.
Creator's broken heart cried out to somehow bring them home.
But they only seemed to slip away, barely surviving on their own.

Architects, builders, designers, manufacturers and the like.
Creators of any kind know what their creation is like.
In the beginning, only He knew, the Creator of the Deceived,
how to put them back together, how to get their pain relieved.

Good Creator had a plan, a plan to top all plans.
Unheard of in all Creation; God became a man.
To come down to their level, in looks, in build and size.
To let them hear His tender voice, to look into their eyes

And then did something no one dreamed Creator would ever do.
He gave His Holy, sinless life so that we could see the Truth
His blood bought us our freedom from the enemy.
The Deceiver's power was broken, if we would only see

This kind of Love is stronger than anything you've known
It's nothing like what you've seen, or could find out on your own.
Its power brought a Holy God to Earth, to die and rise again.
And even if you look hard enough, you won't find it within

It's not like love of mom and dad, of ice cream or favorite toy.
Not even like the butterflies that come between a girl and boy.
It's not love a sunset, a favorite food or flower.
It didn't come free, it cost Him His life! It contains All Creator's power!

It's not what you feel when you hold a child
Or whisper your sweetheart's name
It's a kind of Love with transforming power
When it touches you, you're never the same!

If you would know this kind of Love, that defeats Your Enemy.
The power to drive away all fear, and let you clearly see
The beauty of Creator's Heart and His Glorious Face
and that His treasured Creation is you...and the Human Race

Then cry out to your Creator, Jesus is His Name.
Trust your life into his hands. You'll never be the same.
Don't hold back your plans or dreams. He'll take good care of them.
He only wants to show you the way to get back Home.

He will take you by the hand, if you will put yours in His.
He will show you what you have missed and what Real Life is.
You may not lose all your problems, but you'll have help from Above.
Then you'll be able to give others, A Better Brand of Love.

-- Rebecca Thames August 9, 2008

June 30, 2008

Sweetness of Bitter Tears

Dark clouds billowing, grey and scary just before a storm
may bring long awaited rain when its been too dry and warm

Suddenly the clashing, crashing thunder, blowing wind
the the torrent floods the earth with pounding of the rain

Just the same a life becomes so stagnent, stale and dry
to feel whats real is shielded by a stony outter side

Bordem and confusion start to build the billowy clouds
Pointless days and nights fly by, and burdens weigh them down

Then sudden pain comes shooting through to pierce this canopy
Once seen as a shelter, now becomes a liability

Interupting status quo like lightening floods the sky
Soon the rain comes pouring down to water what was dry

This time mixed with bitter tears, to wash away the pain
they flush out soul and spirit's crust, more powerful than rain

Along the way it softens creaky knees once bent for prayer
and treasure found in this place can be found no other 'where

So what was once the pain from wrong, from sorrow, loss or fears
can never match the sweetness found in the flow of bitter tears

-Rebecca D Thames
the day after Delana left suddenly

May 06, 2008

The Silent World of Pain

How can there ever be such a space
where though you still see each face
and hear the voice and touch the hand
each is alone within this place

through actions done or words misspoken
somehow sacred trusts are broken
like walls of glass, they separate
but like walls of stone, they do not break

Some want to scream but words won't come
Some feel they are the only one
who's felt this agony inside
so as strangers run away and hide

hide from any further pain
they couldn't bare to do this again
so walls get thicker and silence grows
as into their space the wounded goes

if only they didn't have to hide
if only they could see on the other side
of their wall there's someone really who cares
who never meant to put them there

who longs and prays with all their might
for Son to come break through the night
for stinging and bleeding to come to Pass
And our Victor break down these walls of glass

For Him to wipe away our tears
for His perfect Love to calm our fears
To sooth our wounds with Holy Oil
and all the enemy's plans to foil

To cleans our hearts from poison that mames
and causes loved ones to retreat again
O strengthen hearts with walls that last
So we do need these walls of glass

To somehow make us free again
from tear-soaked pillows and blood that stains
that God's own Joy would deliver again
from this silent world of pain

March 28, 2008

Who Do Your Worries Belong To?

I was just thinking about something that happened, another way the Lord intervened when I was a child.

My grandparents used to come visit a couple times a year, driving up from Albeq., NM. As you can imagine our lives changed dramaticly for the few days they were visiting. My sis and I gave up our beds. We had different kinds of meals. We'd even go out sometimes, when primarily we were used to staying home.

There was also a lot of strife that came with them. My grandma Agnes was great, but my mom and granddad used to do a lot of yelling. He was quite domineering and believed that he could treat any home he was in as his own.

One thing they fought the most about was the refrigerator. He really liked beer, cold beer. So he developed a habit of removing the food, milk, meat or whatever, to make room for his beer cans in our small fridge. Of course, having two small girls, with a VERY small income, this made my mother furious!

Since by this time, my father had died, she really had no defenses or recourse. She finally realized that, since her blood pressure was going up even at the anticipating of his coming, it was time to turn it over to Jesus.

She prayed and said something like this: Lord, I'll give You the refrigerator. If You want beer in Your refrigerator, that's up to You.

She was tired of fighting. She layed it all down. She was at peace. And she never said anything to her father about it.

When he came to visit, he never said a word, but brought a big styrofoam cooler in with him and took it right to the room where he slept.

From that day on, not one drop of beer was ever again in "God's refrigerator." And not only was peace greatly increased in our home, but that refrigerator lasted for over 20 years!

Psalms 91:14 The LORD says, "I will rescue those who love me. I will protect those who trust in my name.

March 11, 2008

The Annointed Cat

Needing help for almost every task in my daily household routine, I've been believing God for a special care-giver who would help set our home in order and would be kind. We've sort-of been "getting by" since Jeanne retired in Aug '07.

In Mid-Jan '08 the ad was placed and Delana was hired. We were concerned that even though she seemed a perfect fit, she was very allergic and we have a cat! After a few visits, she was OK and we didn't think much of it again. Saturday night Delana didn't hesitate to help out a friend who had 2 cats. Delana ended up in the ER even tho she never saw, nor touched a cat that night!

It hit me so profoundly that when God does something, when it's truly His providence and we don't just "work-it-up" or "settle-for" what doesn't work, all the pieces are in place! Delana is STILL highly alergic to cats! But God put Delana here, so she's NOT allergic to our cat! "The Blessing of the Lord maketh rich, and He adds No Sorrow to it." - Proverbs 10:22 "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and all these things will be added unto you." -Mathew 6:33

March 03, 2008

Darkness to Light - A Brief Testimony

In September of 1968, I was born with a congenital birth defect called “Brittle Bone Disease.” Over the course of my life, it has caused several hundred, or possibly a thousand fractures to my bones. This has also prevented much growth and has created the need for a wheelchair. (As you may see, I’m a little short for my age. :) Despite, or possibly through these physical challenges, the Lord has shown the power of His grace in my life in so many ways. He has proven repeatedly that nothing is too hard for Him.

Psalm 18:28 and 2 Samuel 22:29 say, “You O Lord are my Lamp, you turn my darkness to light.” It seems like no matter how dark a thing, or situation looks at the beginning, the Lord always manages to shine His Light in there somehow. When it’s over, it’s never quite as dark as it once appeared. That is if we learn to look up, instead of down, around, or behind us. Once we turn our eyes from our dark situation onto the glorious light of His Face and see the brilliance of the Love in His heart, we can never be truly lost, or covered by the darkness again. I really like the New Living Translation’s way of putting John 8:12 Jesus said to the people, “I am the light of the world. If you follow me, you won’t be stumbling through the darkness, because you will have the light that leads to life.”

Raised by a wheelchair riding widowed mother, in a very Christian home, I witnessed first hand the awesome goodness of God and how He cares so faithfully for His children. My earthly father died when I was five. My ‘big’ sister was only seven. Shortly after his passing, I had dreams that my daddy would be alive again. These made me sad in a way, but I almost believed it would happen. After all, Jesus did it for Mary and Martha when He raised their brother Lazarus. Why not our family? Soon, I gave my life to Christ and He came in and filled me with His Spirit, though I didn’t understand that then, I felt Him in me and with me powerfully. He changed me after inviting Him in. After that, the dreams immediately stopped, Then God became my Father, in every sense of the word. However, I still had much to learn about a Father’s Love. Many times growing up, He provided in miraculous ways for the needs of our little family when there was no one else to turn to. He kept us through fire and flood. He gave us food and a place to store it. He even paid for 12 yrs of Christian school for my sister. Usually one miraculous month at a time. He truly has held to His Promise in Psalm 68:5 “A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in His holy dwelling.” Made as another member of our family, Jesus truly dwelt with us. My mom had Him make all the decisions and He never let her down.

At age 18, after calling Jesus my Savior and “Best Friend” for many years, I met someone who truly knew what it meant to call Him Lord. Seeing how Jesus was everything to this person, I began to hunger for more of God in my life. That year I received the baptism in the Holy Spirit and began intensive training in the “School of the Spirit.” Though there were many days that seemed dark and empty after this good friend moved away, the Lord showed the Light of His Love brighter than ever before. He came and filled in the empty places left in my heart and caused me to be able to say, “Jesus loves me” and truly believe it, for the very first time.

Through many trials and tests, over the years since then, the Lord has drawn me ever closer to Himself. Revealing His unconditional, everlasting Love for even the likes of me. For even though I was different from everyone around me, though He did not have to, He proved He loved me just the same. More than any Human ever could. Repeatedly He showed His faithfulness in ways that I could have never anticipated.

One example, despite my physical limitations, is the move into my own apartment. Many told me it would be impossible, However, what is impossible for Man is nothing for God! For five years I lived on my own, but never alone, or without Help. He taught me in my own home, just like for my mother, my help comes from the Lord. Then in 2003 He brought the greatest physical example of His Love, my dear husband Bill, in whom I’ve seen a true reflection of the Heart of Christ.

I've never seen an example of unconditional love, like I've seen in my husband. His love and compassion and selfless behavior reminds me of my Savior everyday. I can only aspire to emulate the reflection of the Lord that I see in him. Not only that, but the fact that he chose me for what was on the inside, not for how I looked. In the Scripture, it says that man looks on the outward appearance, but God looks upon the heart. Once again, my husband reflected the heart of God. And not too puff up my husband, because he wouldn't take it that way. This is merely to demonstrate the physical reflection that we can see. This is to show the seeds of His own heart that God put into my husband and allowed the roots and the fruit to grow. Feeding them with the word of God and watering them with many tears.

Not only has God allowed me to see His wonderful gifts He brings to those He loves, but also the indescribably beautiful Heart of Love He has that lies behind each and everything He does. Now He truly is my Father, my Lord, my Dearest Friend, my Love and my Life.

My prayer is that the hearts of God’s people would be set FREE and set on fire for God and the things associated with Is Kingdom. Shining brightly with the Light of His love. Then we will stop worrying about what is wrong in our own lives, but surrender ourselves as instruments of Grace in the Hand of God. I pray that the power of that Love would illuminate the hearts of this darkened world. That alone will transform the lives of the lost and the lonely, the wounded and the dying, and all those who all their lives long to see and to know a real, pure love. Which only comes from God through his people. We can be that example, once we know the awesome power of God’s Love for ourselves.

Seek Him & His Love will find you.

by Rebecca D Thames 3/2/2008


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February 16, 2008

The Alpha and The Omega

Each one of the four living creatures ...Day and night they never stop singing: "Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord God Almighty, who was, who is, and who is to come." -Rev 4:8 (T.E.V.)

It is said of the Lord, the Alpha and Omega, He is the beginning and the end. He is the first and last. There is none other beside Him. But sometimes, in my eyes, there is one.

In the beginning, He is there. Before I was, He was creating me. He formed me in my mother's womb. Every hair was numbered. Every detail in place to sustain my life outside the womb. He overlooked nothing. In thebeginning, He "was." He is the Alpha.

In the middle, I am here. Seeing my life from such a finite perspective. Often putting my hopes and plans ahead of the One Who set me in motion in the beginning. I see things so clearly, as they ought to be. Or so it seems. Sometimes, when things don't go my way, in my own eyes there is one beside God...That one is me.

In the mean time, I go about struggling, confused, anxious and very, very alone. Often too afraid to take another step, yet more fearful still of going backward, or standing still. Even at times unaware of replacing the rightful Inhabitant of the Throne of my heart, thinking instead perhaps the Lord is leading me here or there... perhaps it is a test of my faith, or my strength. But my strength quickly fails, because it is being drawn from the wrong source.

In reality, I've set my eyes on a goal or a prize that is not the Lord, but some "thing" I desire. Be it a worthy goal, or not; be it a love or a work, or even a necessity. Nonetheless, if it is sought after more diligently than the One from the beginning, it has become the one I worship.

Until that "thing" is cast down from the throne, I can not truly worship the One Who is truly worthy. Jesus said we can not serve two masters. "You shall have no other gods before Me" has been said from the beginning. Meanwhile, He waits, powerless to give me all that is rightfully mine, until I give Him all that is rightfully His...complete rule and authority and my heart, despite the outcome or apparent consequences. And even when I may not fully acknowledge Him, even in the clouded, confused middle... He "is."

In the end, after I've tried everything I know to make things work, hold on to past blessings, or even fix things for others... after I realize within myself there is nothing... nothing worthwhile or worthy of praise... no goal so lofty, no love so precious, no work so worthy... worthy of all my strength or allegiance... after I come to the end of myself... in the end He is there... He is the Omega.
He is there. He is the Alpha and the Omega and everything in between. He is my past and all the provision and blessing there in. He is my present. More than able to lead and provide, as He has been in the past. He is my future. My true prize. My goal. My inheritance. My soon and coming King.
So when I doubt or am afraid; when my vision is unclear; when I need to be reminded that He is the same yesterday, today and forever, He is forever worthy of praise because He does not change, I remember, as the living creatures around His Throne never ceased to say both day and night: Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty... who was and is and is to come.
© Rebecca D - July 9, 1999

February 13, 2008

I Wanted 2 Learn How 2 Pray

For a lot of years I've been inspired and at times overwelmed by the power of God displayed seemingly through the dedication of beloved, compassionate and disciplined intercessors. I have longed for that kind of dedication and ability to help others in such powerful ways. So I have looked into teachings and writings and observerd people moving in this rhelm.

The other day I was reading a book about prayer by EM Bounds. It was interesting and powerful. Yet, some of it just seemed to go over my head. I just couldn't figure out what I was missing. So off to sleep I went for my afternoon nap. (still getting over pneumonia. Need lots of rest.) As I drifted off, I pondred what I'd read and asked the Lord about it.

Knowing I was a little troubled and really wanted to know and understand more, my sweet and compassionate King whispered to my sleepy heart. "Don't get so caught up in technique that you lose touch with Me."

That little line spoke volumes and went a LONG way to still my disquieted heart. He reminded me all at once that what matters most to our Father is Relationship, not religious excercises or rituals.

So if you want to know how to pray, start with the prayer for cleansing and forgiveness for all your sins and any specific sin you can think of. Accept the Blood of Jesus for eternal payment of the penalty for your personal sin, which is the only thing that stands between you and God's beautiful Heart.

After the way is clear, you can talk to Him, in Jesus Name, like you'd talk to your father, or your best friend.

I can hear the objections coming back through the screen, "But I couldn't really talk to my father" or "I don't have a 'best friend.'" I asked that too. I grew up without an earthly father, and had no real friends my age for a lot of years, so I unerstand where your coming from.

If this describes your situation, you can still have an effective prayer life. Just talk to God like you'd LIKE to talk to your father, or a best friend. :-) As your Creater, He is intimately aware of the deepest needs of your heart, or the heart of those you would pray for. He longs to be invited into the everyday workings of your life. He wants the opportunity to show Himself faithful in your life. He wants you to know for sure how much He loves you and longs to be one with you.

That doesn't mean we get absolutely everything we ask Him for. But it does mean that if we trust Him, no matter what circumstances look like, He will bring us through ANYTHING and provide in ways and lead us to places and people we could've never anticipated!

Love Always,
Rebecca Thames
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February 05, 2008

This Man Has Inspired Me

I was just about to lose heart that I would ever find someone to look up to that just might be qualified to lead this country.

Ronald Reagan was someone that I deeply admired. Even when he was being criticized all over the press of this nation. I cried when he died, wishing that somehow I could have at least shaken his hand and thanked him for all that he had stood for, in the face of all the opposition. Never since the days of his presidency, has there been any one with such character, such tenacity, that their record has been proven over time that they were indeed a great leader.

This may be a really big risk, but I'm willing to take it. If the videos that I have seen of Mike Huckabee are any indication of his true moral character, tenacity and ability to stand firm under pressure, and I believe this man could have a heart similar to Ronald Reagan. And perhaps he too will be proven, over time, to be another great leader.

Please watch the videos, and you decide.

If you have the time, please watch this video as well. This was the one that touched my heart the most. This is the one that reminded me of Ronald Reagan.