October 19, 2014

I Rest secure in Your Strong Hand

I want my life to be all about You
tell the world what you've brought me through

No words can tell what you've done for me
You open my eyes and help me see

This life is so full of Your beauty
What's often unseen as reality

You made the clouds to paint the sky
You painted the birds and made them fly

You can turn worms into butterflies
Nothing's impossible seen through Your eyes

You bring great trees from tiny seeds
Why couldn't You meet ALL my needs

You spoke the Word and the world began
Air, flowers, trees, oceans and land

Your power no one can comprehend
You know it all from beginning to end

Whatever I don't understand
Must rest secure in Your strong Hand

September 07, 2014

Holy Ghost Movie

You may know about spirits and spiritual things.  But did you know there is a Holy Spirit who wants to help you? The Bible says, the Holy Spirit will teach us about Jesus and lead us to His Heart. He wants to reveal to you who Jesus really is! Not what any religion says He is, but who GOD says He is.


January 26, 2013

To All My Wonderful Subscribers-Blog Is Moving! :)

Howdy All!
Yes! Its true! A kind online friend (Paul Caraway of http://ezpromovideos.com) built me a brand new beautiful blog for Christmas! Can you imagine someone would do that? What a blessing and demonstration of the favor of God! For which I'm truly grateful!!   New site, layout, graphics and everything! Whoohoo!! And he's making a way to promote my poetry book too! New things for a new year. Praise God! 

So if you'd like to continue to receive updates about new articles etc posted on my blog, please kindly navigate to www.rebeccathames.com and subscribe there.  It'd mean so much to me to have you there to watch everything develop...possibly a life's dream come true!

I have lots of new article ideas in the works and I'd really like to have you on board if you'd like to see them. Hopefully posting at around once a week, or a few a month at least! However, with all the ideas in my head now, it may be more often that that! LOL!  Come join me...will you? :D


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Thank you SO much for your patients through this transition as I am just learning WordPress. :)
Also, please let me know if you like the new or old layout, theme, and colors better. Would really appreciate the input!

I also really appreciate you all so much more than you may ever imagine!  FYI, if you are currently a new subscriber, please feel free to scroll down on the right to see the archived articles. Just maybe there will be something to inspire you there!

Lots of Love and Thank You All for Subscribing and For Sharing With Friends! :)