August 29, 2009


Faith is like radar. It always sees through the storm. There's no such thing as "blind faith." Whether faith in God's Word, or faith in evil. (Faith in evil is Fear.) Faith sees and knows. " is... the evidence of things not seen." Hebrews 11:1

Faith works by Love. The victory that overcomes the world is our faith.

Rebecca Thames
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August 10, 2009

Dear Child...

Dear Child,

When anything is broken, its never the same again. There are always memories, yet in time they lose their sting. Yet, in times of sorrow and grief, if we are willing to look up, you can see a nail pierced hand of Jesus reaching gently to wipe your tears...then you see His eyes sharing your tears. He too has been wounded...rejected..lied about...betrayed. Yet His Love took His broken heart to the Cross so He could set you free and overcome death itself and all its power to wound and seperate you from ones you love. So even though its hurts now, the Master Physician has the cure. :-)