July 28, 2010

Where do you look for answers?

Life is always hard for some, but others kind of float merrily along without a care in the world. Though, for most of us, that season doesn't last too long. Then we find our selves running head long into something huge we've no idea what do do about. At that point we have a few choices.

We can:
  1. panic
  2. get depressed and think life is over
  3. we can start looking for answers.
If you are smart, 3 will be your choice.

But the first question is: Where do you look for answers? Seriously, when you have a big problem, where do you turn? Many popular choices are:

  1. Doctors
  2. Books
  3. Pastor/Priest
  4. Best Friend
  5. Fortune Tellers
  6. Search the Internet
But often we leave one till the very last when everything else has failed us.


Can you imagine with me for a moment? Pretend you're a devoted parent and your child has a big problem. And maybe by accident or unintended by that child, you discover the suffering your child has gone through. Perhaps your imaginary child needs something that is astronomical to them, but may be simple. for you to fix for them. Maybe they've wasted huge amounts of time and energy fretting, worrying and trying to change things until they give up. But if they had only come to you...if they'd just realized how deep your love went...if only they'd known that you desire to help them and deliver them from suffering.... But not until they've tried everything...exhausted all energy and known resources, they finally humble themselves and come to you.

If this scenario were real, and perhaps it IS real for some of my readers, wouldn't your heart just break? How much anguish you could've spared this precious child!! But they would not let you, or perhaps they didn't trust you. Maybe they were to "grown" too proud and independent! Wanting to "make it on their own!"

For whatever reason, in our story, they didn't turn to you, even though you were willing and able to give them exactly what they needed. Perhaps you'd been down the road they were going and all they really needed was a guide. But no. Not until the value of everything else out there was totally lost to them.

Have you been there? Has your child done this to you? Has he/she shut you out when you knew they were grieving? Did it break your heart? Maybe you did this to your parent. Thinking they couldn't possibly understand. Maybe you thought times were just too different now for them to relate. Then you had your own children. Then your heart longed to be a part of their world...but they would not.

Would you consider for a moment that this story replays itself more than a million times every single day? Maybe not in a physical family, though it IS far too common, but in a spiritual sense.

Many of you reading this maybe find your self in a spot you could've never foreseen and have no idea how to get out of. Maybe you've never even pondered the existence of God. Perhaps you've been taught He's either a myth, or maybe whatever you choose Him to be. Some say God is in everything, or maybe even IS everything.

Let's go back to our story for a moment. Could you put yourself in the place of that child? Just what if God is a Father who loves His child and has all power and recourses at His disposal. But there's only one problem. He only goes where He's invited.

What if.....

Just a thought. What if there IS an answer...what if there IS someone who can help you? What if you look every where ELSE except where your answer really is?

But just maybe you're a bit like me...you believe in God and His Father's Heart, but easily distracted by every day life. I'm the one at the top of this post. Looking to Drs, Books, Internet, Friends... Have you ever heard this phrase, "Now all we can do is pray." As if that's the last resort!

If God loves us as much as the Bible says He does, how His heart must break when we waste so much time, energy and grief looking everywhere but His Heart for what can really help us. Why do we wait 'till the very last to do what we should have done first?

Tonight as this realization hit me, my heart was overwhelmed with the grief that must be in my Father's Heart when I wear myself out and become hopeless. Its as if I've forgotten all the times He's been there and helped me all my life. (see: Time to Remember Pt 2) Yet when my husband's ill, what do I do? I talk to friends. I search Internet info on meds. I order herbs on-line. Not until nothing seems to work and hubby's still suffering I realize what I've done...again.

The tears began to flow as I cried out to my Father...in my heart falling at His feet...feeling the pain of His discounted heart...again. Why have I put Him last? Why have I not called on Him first? We might have had the answer long ago.

Where will YOU go for answers?