February 03, 2009

Who Are You?

Have you ever asked that age old question, "Who am I?" Maybe we all have at one pt or another along life's journey. It may be a deep and difficult one for some. Mostly because the answer is so much more than your name.

The sad thing is, many think the answer lies somewhere in their occupation. Like, "I'm a lawyer" or "I'm a police officer" or "I'm a corporate executive." Problem is, in this unstable world, if you put your identity in your job and you lose it, then who are you?

One preacher said that God made us "Human BEings" not "Human DOings." Just maybe, if we could ever stop relying on what we do to identify ourselves and be content to just "BE", we would be more at peace.

Have you ever thought you'd be happy if you could be like someone else? Maybe the popular classmate, or the buff athlete, or your favorite TV or Movie personality? Why is it so few realize that your uniqueness is a gift? You have something NO ONE else on this entire planet has; to see the world from your own perspective, your own talents, and there are the people only you can relate to.

I leave you with a little gem I heard on the radio the other day, on Turning Point w/ David Jeremiah, "Until you learn to appreciate your uniqueness, you'll waste your whole life trying to be someone else."

SELAH! (Let's pause and think about that.)

To Your Uniqueness!