March 02, 2010

Trivial or Triumphant?

For quite sometime I've noticed more and more, my life has been becoming quite uneventful. Some due to illness and some due to bad weather. It's just been very difficult for Bill and me to both get out of the house at the same time.

Now, he's been out on short runs for food or medicine, or to run a friend somewhere. But the last time we really went out together for a time of enjoyment to us both was 01/11/2010 for or anniversary. Praise God it was nice then. The Lord truly blessd that day.

Before that we'd had a Drs appt the Monday before Christmas. Before that I think it was Walmart sometime in November. Plus its been months since I've been to church. I hate to say it, but this is where I am right now.

All this is to say, this is the closest to a "shut-in" I've ever been since the invention of pulic transit for wheelchair people, when I was 8 yrs old!

After that we had no excuse to stay home even though my mom also was in a wheelchair. She was the oe who got us all ready to go out. No excuses. Now it seems like any old excuse will do to just stay home. Too cold, too damp, flurries possible, too warm, too windy, a little achy today, too tired... The list goes on and on.

I've wondered if my life had become rather trivial...mundane. You know, a lotta stay-at-home moms go through it...get breakfast, open the mail, pay bills, clean house, plan dinner, watch tv.... some details vary, but many lists are similar. You may through in laundry or shopping trips or something the kids need on your basic list, but primarily they're the same.

I've been meaning to write this a while now, but something crazy happenned. Bill and I both got pretty sick last Sun night...sudden, vioolent and persistant stomache flu. Pretty traumatic for both of us. Especcially when each other was all we each had.

But once again the Lord came through in ways I never expected. He sent help when we needed it most and we pretty much slept the rest of the time. Today, after a whole week, we've both been feeling maybe 90% better.

Somehow that super-down time gave me a slightly different perspective. Maybe life wasn't so trivial after all. Even though I could barely keep my tummy together half the time, I found so much joy in any little thing I could do to make Bill's life any little bit easier or more comfortable. It was a great reminder...thats my real job-tittle "Help-meet" for Bill. That's what the Lord has called me to. And I'll only be most fulfilled when I'm truly filling that role to the best of my physical, emotional and spiritual ability.

So I suppose through a terrible illness, perhaps the Lord has used it to teach me. Take the "trivial" or "mundane" parts of life and fit them into their propper place to compliment and enhance my role in Bill's life and my life will truly go from "trivial" to Triumph! Thank You Jesus!


Rebecca Thames
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