February 16, 2008

The Alpha and The Omega

Each one of the four living creatures ...Day and night they never stop singing: "Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord God Almighty, who was, who is, and who is to come." -Rev 4:8 (T.E.V.)

It is said of the Lord, the Alpha and Omega, He is the beginning and the end. He is the first and last. There is none other beside Him. But sometimes, in my eyes, there is one.

In the beginning, He is there. Before I was, He was creating me. He formed me in my mother's womb. Every hair was numbered. Every detail in place to sustain my life outside the womb. He overlooked nothing. In thebeginning, He "was." He is the Alpha.

In the middle, I am here. Seeing my life from such a finite perspective. Often putting my hopes and plans ahead of the One Who set me in motion in the beginning. I see things so clearly, as they ought to be. Or so it seems. Sometimes, when things don't go my way, in my own eyes there is one beside God...That one is me.

In the mean time, I go about struggling, confused, anxious and very, very alone. Often too afraid to take another step, yet more fearful still of going backward, or standing still. Even at times unaware of replacing the rightful Inhabitant of the Throne of my heart, thinking instead perhaps the Lord is leading me here or there... perhaps it is a test of my faith, or my strength. But my strength quickly fails, because it is being drawn from the wrong source.

In reality, I've set my eyes on a goal or a prize that is not the Lord, but some "thing" I desire. Be it a worthy goal, or not; be it a love or a work, or even a necessity. Nonetheless, if it is sought after more diligently than the One from the beginning, it has become the one I worship.

Until that "thing" is cast down from the throne, I can not truly worship the One Who is truly worthy. Jesus said we can not serve two masters. "You shall have no other gods before Me" has been said from the beginning. Meanwhile, He waits, powerless to give me all that is rightfully mine, until I give Him all that is rightfully His...complete rule and authority and my heart, despite the outcome or apparent consequences. And even when I may not fully acknowledge Him, even in the clouded, confused middle... He "is."

In the end, after I've tried everything I know to make things work, hold on to past blessings, or even fix things for others... after I realize within myself there is nothing... nothing worthwhile or worthy of praise... no goal so lofty, no love so precious, no work so worthy... worthy of all my strength or allegiance... after I come to the end of myself... in the end He is there... He is the Omega.
He is there. He is the Alpha and the Omega and everything in between. He is my past and all the provision and blessing there in. He is my present. More than able to lead and provide, as He has been in the past. He is my future. My true prize. My goal. My inheritance. My soon and coming King.
So when I doubt or am afraid; when my vision is unclear; when I need to be reminded that He is the same yesterday, today and forever, He is forever worthy of praise because He does not change, I remember, as the living creatures around His Throne never ceased to say both day and night: Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty... who was and is and is to come.
© Rebecca D - July 9, 1999

February 13, 2008

I Wanted 2 Learn How 2 Pray

For a lot of years I've been inspired and at times overwelmed by the power of God displayed seemingly through the dedication of beloved, compassionate and disciplined intercessors. I have longed for that kind of dedication and ability to help others in such powerful ways. So I have looked into teachings and writings and observerd people moving in this rhelm.

The other day I was reading a book about prayer by EM Bounds. It was interesting and powerful. Yet, some of it just seemed to go over my head. I just couldn't figure out what I was missing. So off to sleep I went for my afternoon nap. (still getting over pneumonia. Need lots of rest.) As I drifted off, I pondred what I'd read and asked the Lord about it.

Knowing I was a little troubled and really wanted to know and understand more, my sweet and compassionate King whispered to my sleepy heart. "Don't get so caught up in technique that you lose touch with Me."

That little line spoke volumes and went a LONG way to still my disquieted heart. He reminded me all at once that what matters most to our Father is Relationship, not religious excercises or rituals.

So if you want to know how to pray, start with the prayer for cleansing and forgiveness for all your sins and any specific sin you can think of. Accept the Blood of Jesus for eternal payment of the penalty for your personal sin, which is the only thing that stands between you and God's beautiful Heart.

After the way is clear, you can talk to Him, in Jesus Name, like you'd talk to your father, or your best friend.

I can hear the objections coming back through the screen, "But I couldn't really talk to my father" or "I don't have a 'best friend.'" I asked that too. I grew up without an earthly father, and had no real friends my age for a lot of years, so I unerstand where your coming from.

If this describes your situation, you can still have an effective prayer life. Just talk to God like you'd LIKE to talk to your father, or a best friend. :-) As your Creater, He is intimately aware of the deepest needs of your heart, or the heart of those you would pray for. He longs to be invited into the everyday workings of your life. He wants the opportunity to show Himself faithful in your life. He wants you to know for sure how much He loves you and longs to be one with you.

That doesn't mean we get absolutely everything we ask Him for. But it does mean that if we trust Him, no matter what circumstances look like, He will bring us through ANYTHING and provide in ways and lead us to places and people we could've never anticipated!

Love Always,
Rebecca Thames
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February 05, 2008

This Man Has Inspired Me

I was just about to lose heart that I would ever find someone to look up to that just might be qualified to lead this country.

Ronald Reagan was someone that I deeply admired. Even when he was being criticized all over the press of this nation. I cried when he died, wishing that somehow I could have at least shaken his hand and thanked him for all that he had stood for, in the face of all the opposition. Never since the days of his presidency, has there been any one with such character, such tenacity, that their record has been proven over time that they were indeed a great leader.

This may be a really big risk, but I'm willing to take it. If the videos that I have seen of Mike Huckabee are any indication of his true moral character, tenacity and ability to stand firm under pressure, and I believe this man could have a heart similar to Ronald Reagan. And perhaps he too will be proven, over time, to be another great leader.

Please watch the videos, and you decide.

If you have the time, please watch this video as well. This was the one that touched my heart the most. This is the one that reminded me of Ronald Reagan.