January 06, 2011

What's New This Year?

Happy New Year!!

Well, in 5 days, my husband and I will officially be married for 8 whole yrs! Its a real milestone for both of us, for several reasons.

  1. In his 1st marriage, which was rather unstable, they were never together for even 1 whole yr at a time. Not to mention 8!
  2. Eight is the number for new beginnings. (Greek definition I think)
  3. We finally over the proverbial "7-yr-hump" that supposedly breaks up a lot of marriages.
Today, I just started to wonder, what really is new about this year. Aside from the obvious change of date that is. I mean, do you ever get to where you feel like all the days sort of run together. What is going to set this yr apart from the last, or will it just be the same, or business as usual?

This morning I heard a very inspiring message. "Words of Kindness, Source of Healing." This message by Florence Littauer gripped my heart and reminded me how important encouraging and inspiring others is.

One thing new this year, I want to make a new commitment to encourage and inspire. The program said our words of kindness are like little silver boxes with a ribbon on top. Gifts and treasures to be sure. Especially considering how many thousands of cruel, unkind or just plain sour words people here all the time. Words that drain life from them. Sometimes something as simple as a smile, or maybe a question that shows you REALLY want to know how they're doing, is all it might take to help someone through the day.

Another new thing about this year is I want to keep better track of God's blessing. I'm learning that if I'm greatful and giving thanks to God, I sure won't be able to grumble, complain, or dwell on things I might think are "wrong" in my day, or my life.

First blessing to record was a surprise visit last night. My old friend Mary was in the area and decided to stop by. Shes really sweet and I've known her over half my life, but seldom see her.

The next blessing is something that happened today. After several days of severe pain in my left side that left me nearly immobile, I was finally feeling good enough to change clothes get freshened up a bit. Hoping tomorrow will be even better. :)

So tell me, what's new about this year to you???? I'd love to here your story.