June 02, 2009

Reaching the End of Hope

When things are going smooth as silk
Just the way it ought to be
Normally not much time is spent
Considering future calamity

Testing, trials, difficulty and pain
Things we think don't apply to you and me
Until the darkness fills the sky
Sometimes we often can not see

The path to take...the road to go
So unclear's the day
You try everything you know
But can not find the way

To undo what has been done
Or mend a heart thats broken
Repairing a relationship
Or take back words you've spoken

No time machine to take you back
To undo whats been done
Only grief and tears and rain
Just waiting for the sun

Sometimes its seems you've done everything
You possibly could do
But nothing seems to help at all
Wondering if you'll make it through

Then at last you realize
As tears begin to flow
After doing all you knew
You've reached the end of hope

Hope in changing whats inside
of circumstance or self
You've tried and failed so many times
Must turn to Someone Else

You've read of transformation
Of healing and New Birth
Now it is the ONLY way
Your life will be of worth

For you know that in yourself
there's nothing you can offer
But what you need is to be re-written
By Life's All-Mighty Author

When we get to the end of ourselves
And there's nothing left to give
Then we reach past the end of hope
And let God through us Live