February 05, 2008

This Man Has Inspired Me

I was just about to lose heart that I would ever find someone to look up to that just might be qualified to lead this country.

Ronald Reagan was someone that I deeply admired. Even when he was being criticized all over the press of this nation. I cried when he died, wishing that somehow I could have at least shaken his hand and thanked him for all that he had stood for, in the face of all the opposition. Never since the days of his presidency, has there been any one with such character, such tenacity, that their record has been proven over time that they were indeed a great leader.

This may be a really big risk, but I'm willing to take it. If the videos that I have seen of Mike Huckabee are any indication of his true moral character, tenacity and ability to stand firm under pressure, and I believe this man could have a heart similar to Ronald Reagan. And perhaps he too will be proven, over time, to be another great leader.

Please watch the videos, and you decide.

If you have the time, please watch this video as well. This was the one that touched my heart the most. This is the one that reminded me of Ronald Reagan.