September 07, 2009

Are You Held to The Past?

Do you know what the shortest time is?


Just as soon as it comes, it is over and gone, never to be seen again. What was once the future becomes the past.

All we have is Now. We can never see the future. It is always ahead of us. What has already occurred is the past. It can never be changed, or altered. It is dead!

If something is dead, it no longer has a life of its own. Therefore, it can not exert any power, or influence over anyone.

Consequently, the only influence your past, or any event that has passed, can have over you is what YOU give it. That is equivalent to putting yourself under bondage to an evil task-master whom you will never satisfy.

If we reckon in our minds and can believe in our heart that Christ has saved us, not only from our past sins, but from sins against us, and see that the past is truly DEAD to us (unless we dig it up and just enjoy hanging out w/ the dead) WE ARE FREE!

To Freedom! Hope you enjoy it. ;-)


Rebecca Thames
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