October 13, 2007

Hope In God

A Poem of Inspiration....

Do you ever give in to frustration
unrest, distress, or aggrevation
Hope in God

Does fear or peace go 'round in your head.
The spirit that grows is the one that's fed
Hope in God

Do sickness, or weakness take its toll
Do you spend time longing to be "whole"
Hope in God

Do you ever feel that life is too strange
Do you wonder if it'll ever change
Hope in God

Hope is not just wishful thinking
It's heart's desire and Promise linking
Hope in God

Hope is "sun comes at night's end"
Hope is Spring will come again
Hope in God

Hope's the power of Love incarnate
No darkness, sin, nor death can harm it
Hope in God

Blessed hope is Christ's appearing
Small will seem what we've been fearing
Hope in God

Rebecca Thames 06-25-2007