March 28, 2008

Who Do Your Worries Belong To?

I was just thinking about something that happened, another way the Lord intervened when I was a child.

My grandparents used to come visit a couple times a year, driving up from Albeq., NM. As you can imagine our lives changed dramaticly for the few days they were visiting. My sis and I gave up our beds. We had different kinds of meals. We'd even go out sometimes, when primarily we were used to staying home.

There was also a lot of strife that came with them. My grandma Agnes was great, but my mom and granddad used to do a lot of yelling. He was quite domineering and believed that he could treat any home he was in as his own.

One thing they fought the most about was the refrigerator. He really liked beer, cold beer. So he developed a habit of removing the food, milk, meat or whatever, to make room for his beer cans in our small fridge. Of course, having two small girls, with a VERY small income, this made my mother furious!

Since by this time, my father had died, she really had no defenses or recourse. She finally realized that, since her blood pressure was going up even at the anticipating of his coming, it was time to turn it over to Jesus.

She prayed and said something like this: Lord, I'll give You the refrigerator. If You want beer in Your refrigerator, that's up to You.

She was tired of fighting. She layed it all down. She was at peace. And she never said anything to her father about it.

When he came to visit, he never said a word, but brought a big styrofoam cooler in with him and took it right to the room where he slept.

From that day on, not one drop of beer was ever again in "God's refrigerator." And not only was peace greatly increased in our home, but that refrigerator lasted for over 20 years!

Psalms 91:14 The LORD says, "I will rescue those who love me. I will protect those who trust in my name.