August 14, 2012

Keeper Of My Memories

A memory this evening was causing a little frustration when only a fragment of it would come to me. Finally, I closed my eyes and tried to picture the moment and what lead up to it, but the details were blurry. So I asked the Lord and waited.

I heard a still small voice, "How long will you wait & be still?"
"As long as it takes!" I eagerly replied.

Suddenly a prayer began resonating from deep within me, from behind the eyelids in the silence and among the mixed up images:

To The Holy Spirit I Prayed,
"Oh, Keeper of my memories....those you would have me keep forever...and those You'd have me cast aside to lighten the load I carry...Please clear up the places that are fuzzy, and silence every lying voice I hear within my head! Let your purpose come in clear and sharpen my senses to your leading! Be the glue that puts and holds all the pieces together that you have allowed me to experience. Help me remember the words from Your Heart and from others, so that I'll recognize important moments and hold on to them to use for Your Glory! Amen."

Of course there were many interruptions, and the silence was too short. But I know He heard my prayer. Maybe you might close your eyes and pray that too. :-)